Flood Update #5

God bless the folks at Gusher Oilfield Services for answering the call to help people in need in House District 48!Chris and his team are doing a great job tonite filling up dump trucks and hauling off all the foul debris and gutted house waste from the yards of Sue Israel and Sharon Duvall. Sue said, “Yeah this is widow row…,” and Sharon smiled and said “yes it is!”

Thanks again to Gusher (who said they will stick around and help the other families on the street as well) and a shout out is due to Jaimie Baessler, President of Baessler Homes, for pointing me in the right direction to find help for these folks. And thanks again to Samaritans purse for the tens of thousands of dollars worth of work they did gutting both of these homes for these families.

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