House District 48

House District 48

What is House District 48?

The Colorado General Assembly has two chambers: The House of Representatives, and the Senate.  Every two years elections are held for every member of the House and one-half of the Senate. Each member represents a district, where he or she must reside. House District 48 is one of 65 districts represented in the House. Each House District encompasses approximately 75,000 Coloradans. (There are 35 Senate Districts, each encompassing approximately 143,000 residents.)

Where is House District 48?

House District 48 is located in west-central Weld County. It includes the towns of Severance, Ault, Pierce, Eaton, Milliken, Johnstown, Lucerne,  La Salle, Gilcrest, Platteville, and large portions of Greeley.


This is an interactive map of House District 48. You may zoom in to your location to determine whether or not you reside in the district. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom or use the “+” and “-” controls in the upper left corner of the map.

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