My conservative principles:

Steve on the issues:

I take my commitment to public service as seriously as my business and family obligations.

I stand by the Constitutional freedoms and liberties that our founding fathers laid out, as well as the founding principles of the Republican Party and Weld County’s common-sense Conservative values:

  • The natural right to life of the unborn.
  • Energy development – Oil and Gas are the life blood for Weld County’s economic workforce.
  • Right to Work – I believe no one should be compelled to pay union dues to get or keep a job.
  • Free Enterprise – less government regulation and lower taxes
  • Private property rights – government should not cease your property through force or coercion.
  • No entitlements for illegal immigrants – Illegal immigration is exactly that, illegal.
  • Natural marriage is between one man and one woman.
  • The Second Amendment is more than just a privilege, it’s a right.
  • Personal liberty – the erosion of our Fourth Amendment rights is unacceptable.
  • School choice and academic freedom – I’m a strong supporter of competition in education and of assuring that public schools and academic institutions stop discriminating against parents and students of faith.
  • Local control – the Ninth and Tenth Amendments are a check by the States and the People against a run-a-way Federal government. Colorado should stand-up to Federal overreaches, and Weld County knows how too manage it’s resources better than bureaucrats in Washington or Denver.

Below you will find my pledges and commitments from the 2012 election cycle and my record from my first legislative session in 2013.

I promise to continue fighting for these conservative principles and values in the 2014 legislative session, and, with your support, for another two years after that.

Steve’s Solid Conservative Voting Record in 2013:

Steve has established an outstanding track record as a principled conservative in the Colorado House:

  • CUT ChampionThe Colorado Union of Taxpayers congratulated Steve on his 97% score for his efforts to best represent the taxpayer’s interests!
  • Liberty ChampionEarned an “A” Rating on the Principles of liberty 2013 Legislative Summary, and named “Defender of Liberty” by the American Conservative Union for his “commitment to America’s core principles” (scored 100% on18 critical 2013 session votes).
  • Champion for LifeRecognized as a “champion for life” for his heroic pro-life efforts — going head to head with hard core Planned Parenthood Democrats– during the 2013 legislative session (Campaign for Life).
  • Champion for EnergySteve voted NO on all the wrong-headed and unnecessary Democrat oil & gas bills that would simply kill jobs, raise rates for rural Colorado, increase costs/prices, and drive a key industry from our state.
  • 100% Pro-GunSteve voted NO on every anti-gun bill and fought against them every step of the way.2012 Pledges and Surveys
  • Colorado Union of Tax Payers (2012)
    I’m proud to have signed the Colorado Union of Tax Payers Pledge to never raise taxes and to keep government in its proper limited role.
  • Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (2012)
    The Second Amendment recognizes our God-given right to self-defense. I am 100% pro-gun. This survey from Colorado’s leading gun rights organization will tell you more about my positions on Colorado-specific gun rights legislation.
  • Christian Family Alliance of Colorado / Christian Coalition of Colorado (2012), and;
  • Colorado for Family Values (2012)
    Faith and family from the cornerstone of why I am running. Protecting the unborn, supporting marriage between one man and one woman, and letting people keep their hard-earned money for themselves and their family are bedrock principles I will not compromise on.
  • National Right to Work (2012)
    I am proud to have answered the National Right to Work state survey 100%. No person should ever be forced to pay dues to a union as a condition of employment.
  • National Rifle Association (2012)
    The NRA also has asked several very important questions on our gun-rights and our right to hunt which I fully support. I believe in a no-compromise legislative strategy to protect and restore our right to keep and bear arms.
  • Colorado Right to Life (2012) – Note on Question #9:
    I am 100% pro-life and believe wholeheartedly that all abortion should be outlawed. That will be my objective as a legislator. Along the way, I won’t be the lawmaker to stand in the way of very important regulations such as parental notification, the fetal pain bill that requires mothers to receive information about the child they are carrying, and ultrasound requirements. In a day and age where an underage girl has to get parental permission to get a tattoo, body piercing, or even watch a rated-R movie, but can simply walk into a local planned parenthood and get an abortion while leaving her patents in the dark is absolutely disturbing to me. One of the saddest marks on our states history is that Roe V. Wade actually began right here. Wouldn’t it be great if the fight to overturn it ended here too? Roe v. Wade must be overturned. But until that day comes, it is offensive to say that we must continue to allow more and more abortions to be performed every day without doing anything about it. The question leaves too much room for common sense prohibitions to stop abortions that are happening right now. Therefore I could not answer this question the way Colorado Right to Life wanted me to.

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