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About Steve

Steve Humphrey is a military veteran and former police officer. He is a therapist and marriage counselor who knows from face to face meetings the very real stresses that Weld County families face in our culture and the government-hindered economy.

He graduated from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology with a degree in Clinical Psychology, and a passion to serve others.

He was elected to serve Weld County’s House District 48 in 2012. Prior to that he served the Larimie County Sheriff’s Department as a Mental Health Counselor, assisting those struggling with addiction.

Previously he served with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff.

First and foremost Steve Humphrey is a Christian committed to the timeless and eternal principles that honor the God who created us equal and which make for a good life and thriving communities.

He is a member of a local church in Eaton and worships there with his family.

Steve has been married to his wife Christine for seventeen years. Christine works as a High School Biology teacher at Heritage Christian Academy. They have one son, David who is ten years old. They have one dog named Codie.

Steve and Christine enjoy living in the Town of Severance, about a mile from David’s grandmother.

The Humphrey family enjoys taking advantage of opportunities to get outdoors to go hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, and snow shoeing (…and David loves to play Wii games on the weekends).

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